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Guest Blogger: Pure Studios

There are so many aspects to branding and one of the main ones is Branding Photography. That's why I've asked my friend, Agnes from Pure Studios to share some of her incredible tips with my readers.


Ah, photoshoots! They can be extremely fun, inspiring and empowering, but also overwhelming. After all, the photos are very important. They will be a crucial part of your presentation and a big factor in determining whether people will contact you or not.

So how do you make sure your photoshoot is a success? Here are my Top 5 Tips For a Successful Branding Photoshoot!

1. Choose The Right Photographer

You want to work with someone who understands branding photography and will guide you smoothly through the process. Photography is a vast field and it’s very unlikely a newborn photographer for example will have the expertise/equipment/props/space necessary to create excellent branding photos.

2. Create a Mood Board

Are you a Pinterest lover? If not, I suggest you hop on board, because Pinterest is super helpful with all sorts of planning! Create a mood board for your photoshoot and start adding images that you truly love and see as a part of your own brand.

3. Pick Your Colors

Picking and sticking to your brand colors is a big part of building a brand, brand recognition and loyalty. It will make your personal brand more memorable and less confusing. Why is brand recognition SO important? Just imagine how confusing it would be if your favorite brand of cereal was changing their colors and logo every month!

4. Plan Your Content

You will maximize your investment if you can tie your photos to specific (blog) posts you will create throughout the year.

Here are 6 of my ideas (I could go on forever!):

a post about your company's mission

a post about what your favorite books/podcasts related to your field

a post about how your life changed after you began your business

a FAQ post

a post about the bumps in the road and how you overcame them

a post showing your work behind the scenes

5. Choose The Right Accessories

A branding photoshoot will have more of that WoW Factor with the right accessories! Incorporate accessories from your work life and again, stick to those brand colors!

So there you have it, my Top 5 Tips For a Successful Branding Photoshoot! If you have any questions, you can always reach me through



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