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Roop Creative Agency is for the dreamers, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to create an authentic brand experience.  We've redefined what branding is by collaborating platforms from design, web, to digital marketing in order to create an experience that is cohesive, sustainable and smart. 


Our mission is to empower you! As we fuel off your passion we want to give you the voice and direction you need to establish and grow your business. That's why most of our packages come with educational sessions where you can ask questions and truly understand your strategy as well as the best way to use your brand. 


It's not just about looking pretty but getting results. We conduct the necessary research, get to know you and your brand story in-person along with your business goals. While also researching and developing a plan that is fit for your lifestyle. 


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Hello, I'm Puja Malhotra!


I am a designer with a passion for branding and love for typography.


I'm also a traveller, self-proclaimed chef, yogi, artist, wife, sister and daughter. But those aren't the only things that define me.


My life is dedicated to exploring and challenging myself to be a better human and give back to the world.


How do I do this? I help entrepreneurs and small businesses bring their brand to life and trust me there is no greater feeling than seeing that passion turn into reality! 


So you may ask how I ended up here? Well, after working for 10 years in the corporate world, jumping around a couple of PR firms and landing safely in the education sector all while running my side hustle, Vibrance Designs,  I decided it was time. I took the plunge on October 4, 2016, quit the 9-5 life to create the branding agency of my dreams - Roop! 


Now it wasn't always rainbows and butterflies, it took a lot of tears, sweat and late nights but I've known this was my destiny for a very long time. Please cue the picture I drew in grade one of myself with a suit and tie labelled "when I grow up I'll be the boss." The ties have turned into dresses but my dream is the same. To be my own boss, and help others get there with branding! 


With Roop Creative, it's about empowering my clients and giving them the tools they need to succeed. I am able to do this with branding, consulting and my seasonal social media classes! So what are you waiting for? 


CLients InCLUDE:

What we offer

As a branding boutique, we offer creative consultancy with all our services. This allows us to understand and develop your brand authentically. You always work with one point of contact and never have to deal with translating what your coder is saying - that's what we are here for. We work with a team of hand-picked creative experts that develop your marketing so that you can focus on what's important to you - your business. 



  • Visual Identity &  Brand Development 

  • Web Design & Creation 

  • Luxury Business Cards 

Let's Get Digital 


  • Digital Marketing Strategy 

  • Full Social Media Management

  • Content Creation + Copywriting 



  • Brand Consultancy & Audits 

  • Campaign Strategy + Management 


A Collaboration of Platforms 

Our creatives construct a brand that is authentically you while keeping

multi-platform branding in mind. We’re not just focused on the service you’re purchasing but how your brand will be displayed across platforms, print and online. Creating a cohesive, smart and sustainable brand to last a lifetime

regardless of where it sits.


Remarkable Organization & delivery

We are obsessed with organization, which ensures we never miss a deadline, are available for consultations and can manage everything that comes our way. This way you focus on your business rather than following up with us - in fact,

we do most of the following up!


Stress-free Branding With a Human Touch 

We take care of it all - you always have one-point of contact (a real person!) who lives and breathes your brand. This takes the fluff away and allows you to focus on your business while we create an authentic, sustainable & cohesive brand.

When you work with us


This is what you can expect


The kind of energy Puja exuded at our first in-person meet, I was certain that she was the right gal for the job. She made sure to ask all the right questions and more importantly, she listened. As a result, what she created was a unique, state of the art logo and website for my brand.


Additionally, Puja made the process not only easy but quite enjoyable as she was with me every step of the way. I know I made the right choice by trusting and hiring Puja to create my branding. Since formally launching my business, my floral orders have increased significantly and it was namely because my branding was right on par.


Aneta Kawa, Pink Pamplemousse

I have now worked with Roop Creative Agency twice - first for a social media strategy for my healthy eating business, and then again for the launch of a not-for-profit that helps educate girls in developing countries. Both of my experiences has been exceptional! 


The social media strategy recommended for my healthy eating business helped to grow a significant following on Instagram over several months from a few hundred to almost 4000 followers. This was invaluable in building awareness locally and to a wider audience.


For my not-for-profit business, Puja developed the brand from the ground up including logo design, brand colours, full website, and launch strategy. The professionalism when launching has helped start a strong following of the Society, and we’ve received many comments on how beautiful and helpful the site has been in inspiring involvement in this work. 


Gita Banks, The Mariam Society  


We have worked with Puja on numerous corporate event projects. She is a talented professional, she produces everything with passion and dedication. Her work has always answered the client's brief and her ability to echo their vision is admirable. It's always a pleasure working together.


Ruby Sohi, Royal Blue Event Management

I met Puja Malhotra at her Instagram for Business Workshop and immediately knew I had to hire Roop Creative Agency to do a complete refresh of my branding, website, and other marketing tools. I needed a more polished and professional “look & feel” for my business’ identity and marketing.

I had a very positive experience working with Roop Creative Agency and recommend them highly to others. Puja is professional and efficient, and I’m thrilled with the work she did for me.

Jane Kristoffy, Right Track Education 

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