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Why You're Struggling to Brand Your Instagram

The term "branding your Instagram" is frequently used, but the reality is more intricate. Many entrepreneurs face challenges in business growth when they solely prioritize Instagram or attempt to "strategize Instagram branding" without essential components like a visual identity and website.

Brand your Instagram

Your visual identity and website are rightfully deemed the foundations of your business; without them, tools like Instagram can't be fully harnessed for your business's potential. Instagram serves as a visual extension of your brand, a platform where your brand's personality and visual identity come to life outside of your website.

Understanding the Essence of a Brand

Branding is the comprehensive process of shaping your business's identity, encompassing values, mission, and visual elements like logos, colour palettes, and typography. It's a holistic strategy that extends beyond aesthetics and infiltrates every facet of your business. Only once your brand is established can you seamlessly incorporate branding elements into your online spaces, such as Instagram. Your brand's visual identity serves as the backbone of your presentation on Instagram, including the photography style and the tone of your captions.

Remember it's a Storytelling Tool

You need a website—Instagram isn't something you own; it's a platform you use to reach potential audiences. What you do own is your website, newsletter, and blog. Your goal shouldn't be to keep people on Instagram but rather to guide them to a platform you own, where they can convert into clients.

Envision your Instagram as a visual storytelling tool instead. Every post, story, and highlight contributes to your brand's narrative. It's not just about showcasing products or services; it's about sharing the ethos, values, and behind-the-scenes moments that define your business.

In the realm of Instagram, authenticity is paramount. Your brand and visual identity allow you to shine authentically. Audiences resonate with genuine stories, relatable content, and a humanized brand persona. However, in a world of scrolling, you want to ensure your posts are recognized in under 12 seconds, highlighting the importance of a strategic brand.

While you can't technically "brand" your Instagram, you can style it to be a genuine reflection of your brand and visual identity. It's where your brand comes alive visually, telling a story that resonates with your audience.


Approach Instagram styling as a creative extension of your brand, but not your brand in full. This allows it to evolve and scale your business for growth.


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