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Room Full of Opportunity

Last month, when I was in the middle of a move, on what was the busiest week of my entire year, I received a text message from one of my subscription clients.

His restaurant was gearing up to host a private invite-only event for South Asian creatives, creators and entrepreneurs in Toronto. He took this opportunity to bring my name to the table. He knew this would be a wonderful and beneficial event for me to network at. Initially I felt overwhelmed, this was a super busy week for me, and I wanted to use those hours to work, not network... but I pushed myself to go. I knew I had to attend this event - this moment was special. Why? Because in a room filled with opportunity he thought of me and I appreciate this.

You may be talented but until you surround yourself with people who believe in you, who value your work and who bring your name up in a room full of opportunity, you'll only make it so far. This is not the means to success, hard work and talent are of course factors, but your network will accelerate your path. The truth is, sometimes getting a seat at the table comes from who you surround yourself with. What is important, what matters most is when you find these people hold on to them, and go above and beyond for them, because you know they would do the same for your business in a heartbeat.

In the end, I had the most amazing night and no regrets! I connected with many talented individuals, met some business idols, reconnected with those I didn't see over the pandemic, and even landed a radio interview.


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