Networking etiquette with the "new" business cards

The business card is outdated. Let me explain...

Recently I attended a networking event where I forgot to bring my business card. I only realized this after I parked -- there was nothing I could do at this point so I just walked in hoping for the best. The funny thing is, everyone I connected with asked for my IG handle, not a business card. That's when I realized, networking etiquette has evolved once again and the business card is outdated. With this new change, what is the appropriate networking etiquette?


Do this almost immediately. It's easy to lose contacts on IG especially if you're following a number of accounts.


Try and reconnect over DMs on the same day. This is a great way to remain memorable and continue the conversation.

3. MEET UP 1:1

Make an effort to continue to foster this new relationship by meeting up one-on-one IRL or virtually.