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How To Increase Your Pricing & Value

Invest in branding.

You already provide value to your clients. You know your worth. So why aren't you charging it? Branding gives you the power to strut with confidence. ⁠

What does investing in branding look like? ⁠

1. Brand Development & Visual Identity:

This is your entire brand aesthetic from the logo, colour/font palettes and voice. ⁠

2. Designer Website:

Your website is like your star employee! Greeting your potential clients, walking them through the process and sealing the deal. ⁠

3. Digital Brand Strategy:

How you present yourself matters. If you want to be a leader in the industry you need a strategy that will help you get there. ⁠

4. Brand Photos:

Show up and look the part - EVERYWHERE! ⁠

We can help you with all of the above and more.


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