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How To Find Your Ideal Client

When trying to determine your ideal client, know that not everyone has to exactly the same. You don't need to be limited to a specific niche but rather determine a brand persona or lifestyle or mindset you want to attract. ⁠

Recently I asked a client who they wished to attract with their branding. She was confused because she had such different women, from various walks of life coming through her doors. She couldn't just narrow it down to a specific niche. ⁠That's where I had to stop her. ⁠

It's funny because I never loved the idea of having a specific niche for my target audience. For me, it was more about a lifestyle and mindset. ⁠ My ideal clients come from different industries, they have different preferences, and age ranges, some have been around for 20 years while others are just starting out, heck some love pink and some hate it... but they all have a few things in common... ⁠ ▪️ They are determined to grow their business ⁠ ▪️ They are doers not just dreamers⁠ ▪️ They value the opinion of experts ⁠ ▪️ They believe in collaboration over competition ⁠ ▪️ They want to build and be a part of a community that is inclusive & ethical⁠ ▪️ They are ready to show up authentically and empower others with their service ⁠ This is the mindset, this is the lifestyle, this is a persona. This is what inspires me to create and why no two brands are ever the same. ⁠ You can share similar values, without sharing the exact same preferences. So stop thinking of your niche as some old-school marketing prof laid it out years ago... and start thinking about what your brand persona is and what mindset and lifestyle you want to attract.


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