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Creating Content: Your Power 5

In design, branding and even social media the number 5 plays such an extraordinary role.

Today let's talk about Your Power 5 on Social Media.⁠ Finding content can be one of the most challenging parts of your marketing, but when you have your Power 5 figured out you really don't need to stress about content ever again.

Your Power 5 are 5 topics that represent your brand, that you are passionate about. These topics are vague but help because we can always reference back to them when scheduling our posts! ⁠Once you have them you recycle through each starting back at number 1.

For example, my Power 5 include:

1. Motivation

2. Education

3. My story

4. Self-love/care

5. Empowerment.

Now if you refer back to my profile - you'll easily see these key pieces being rotated throughout my strategy. ⁠This helps me save time and also ensures I never run out of content. Not sure where you should start? Then book a call with me and let's plan out your entire digital strategy from start to finish!


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