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Building a Personal Brand

We all know your brand is more than just a pretty logo. It is everything that defines your business's personality which includes, your visuals both on and offline and the experience you provide to your clients.

That said, (especially if you're a small business owner) it is KEY to have a personal brand as well. This goes for anyone from real estate agents to florists to interior designers and more. A personal brand leaves a lasting impression that encourages professional relationships, returning clients as well as referrals.

How to create a Personal Brand?

It's as easy as showing up, sharing your story and your "why." By implementing this into your digital strategy you're building on the authenticity of your business and brand experience.

This allows you to build trust, engage with your audience and sets you as an expert in your industry. It also shows that you carry a certain level of responsibility and act transparently which not only provides value but builds a loyal following.

How do you avoid sharing "too much?"

Creating a personal brand doesn't mean sharing everything about your life. Many people are surprised to learn that I'm actually a very private person and many aspects of my life aren't shared online - for example, my marriage. Although I will talk about my husband here and there, it's really a sprinkle in conversation. He's a private person and I fully respect that, plus I don't feel like my marriage adds to my business so I choose not to discuss or showcase it. At the end of the day, it's really about drawing a line yourself and understanding what you are and are not comfortable sharing.

Key aspects to building a personal brand:

  1. Have a clear focus and purpose. Building a personal brand should either inspire or entertain. Choose what category this share falls under and study how it's going to build as a return for your business. Having a clear focus narrows down the conversation to build on your purpose.

  2. Be authentic. The whole reason you have a personal brand is so that people can relate to you. Be yourself because that's what makes you unique and will attract authentic clients as well.

  3. Tell your business story. This is a HUGE one, a lot of your personality is where you started, why you started and how you plan on growing. Sharing this aspect gives your audience a behind-the-scenes look into you as well as your brand.

  4. Be consistent. This helps showcase you as an expert who truly knows what they are talking about, builds trust as well as a loyal following.

  5. Ensure you're still providing value. Before sharing ask yourself does this build on your business's persona? Or distract completely? For example, part of my yoga practice is about building a routine. I share a lot of this online because it also helps me build a successful business. Many of my clients are looking for ways to do the same for themselves, so although the conversation may vary slightly it still provides value to my audience.

Your personal brand will impact your business's brand and I can ensure you from my experience as well as my clients, simply showing up and sharing a little bit of who you are and what makes you, you can be a complete game-changer in your business. Why not try it for yourself today?


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