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Branding Mistakes You Must Avoid

Branding is so important to your business. In fact, I think it's one of the most important aspects of your business as it can truly make or break a deal!

You only get one shot to make a great first impression and leave a memorable experience. This goes for anything from your logo, your post or even your website. ALL of this is branding.

So here is a list of mistakes you MUST avoid...

  1. Not hiring a professional. OK, you can do your taxes on your own and even fight a lawsuit but let's be real if you're serious about getting that return, or winning that case you're going to hire someone you trust who you know is going to do a spectacular job. The same goes for your logo and brand strategy. A professional is not only going to make you stand out of the crowd but ensure your logo leaves a memorable impression that is easily trademarked. This also means no one else will have your logo - which in many cases those apps that instantly give you a logo for free or under $5 - are doing. So keep in mind, you can't be sipping champagne on a beer budget. Take time and really invest in your brand, because it's not something you'll be changing. Just look at Nike, Chanel or even Apple!

  2. Not being cohesive in your type or colour palette. When you work with a professional they'll also provide you with a type and colour palette - so stick to it! You need to create a consistent look and feel. That means using the same colours (up to 6) and fonts (up to 3) across your brand. This can be for anything from your posts to a printed flyer.

  3. Copying your competition. Stay in your lane because it's what makes you and your brand authentic. If you wanted to copy them you might as well go work for them and assist in bringing their vision to life. Plus you want to attract YOUR IDEAL client - and even if your business is the same your ideal client might not be. Plus the perk of truly being your own brand means that no one can be you.

  4. Rebranding or changing thing up often. This goes hand in hand with point 2. My dear friend and branding photographer Agnes from Pure Studio puts it so well I just had to share... so think of it this way... how would you feel if your go-to cereal brand kept changing their look? Confused right, plus it wouldn't be easy to find them and who knows you might even get distracted by another one and become loyal to that. This is exactly why it's so important to build a brand that is truly authentic to you because you don't constantly want to be running refreshes. Think about how often your favourite brands re-brand, it's probably not every few months or even few years.

  5. Not having a clear message. Your offer MUST be clear. If your audience is confused then they are going to just scroll or skip passed you.

Remember no one is perfect and hey if you made these mistakes then there is room to improve, change and elevate your brand still by avoiding them in the future.


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