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Work Smarter, Not Harder

The other day, I came across a post that basically said, as entrepreneurs, we don't have weekends or understand the meaning of Fridays. They were promoting that idea as something funny - yet true. I cringed at this. I think about my business all the time. Heck, the other day I was in the shower relaxing when I came up with a brilliant idea - I wasn't even thinking about work to begin with, but that's just how my brain functions, that doesn't mean I don't take weekends or breaks. See I used to work hard, but realized it got me nowhere. I was burnt out, yet everyone around me from social media posts, to people I followed, kept telling me to keep on going. I remember this one influencer once said - if you sleep then someone else will be working on your dreams. This hurt - not only physically but mentally. Until I decided I was done. I set boundaries, set hours of operation, and decided to take Saturdays and Sundays off - because isn't that why I started this business? Didn't I want to work for myself so I could live a life that was fulfilling? Do you know what happened next? I started getting the clients of my dreams, who valued my work and time. I began to feel happier, healthier and accomplished personal goals alongside work ones. It's not always about working hard, it's about working smart. And yes my business is always on my mind, but I'm not always working. Even if inspiration strikes in the middle of the weekend I send myself a quick note and carry on.


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