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Why a newsletter is important to your branding strategy

Having a newsletter is key to your marketing. Ever sit back and wonder, what if all these social media platforms decided, that followers were not a thing anymore, or that they shut down for any given reason. What would happen to all that hard work you put into creating the perfect page and gaining the amazing following?

This is exactly why you NEED to have a newsletter. A newsletter ensures you own a list of followers. I mean at the end of the day, your IG followers belong to IG, not you. You have no way of contacting them if IG was to shut down. Whereas with a newsletter you own your list. Now your following may not be as large as the ones on social media in the beginning, but trust me it will grow. It also ensures that the people who are following you are truly invested in your business which in turn creates clients! And isn't that the end goal always? Want to know my key tips for creating your newsletter, then click to sign up for mine! I'll be sharing this and more in next months issue.


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