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When's the best time to post on Instagram?

A question I get asked on a consistent basis is what is the best time to post on IG. Now there are a number of apps, people and even insights that will tell you when you're most popular. That said, this is based on who is seeing your profile currently - not your potential clients.

For example, an app may tell you the best time for you to post is at 3:30 pm, but your target is moms. So logically it makes no sense since most moms I know will be doing pickups and kids will be home soon. Think about it - it might be better to post before then. The second step I want you to consider is to post when you have time. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! I only post when I know I have 15-20 mins to respond and thank those who are commenting.

Ever heard of ghosting? Well, why are you doing that to your following who could potentially become clients? I make an effort to like and thank almost everyone who joins the conversations on any of my posts. IG is all about building relationships and ghosting is the last thing you want to do. So post when you have time to reply! It's really that simple.

The last step you want to keep in mind is that IG is not chronological. So something I post today could show up on someone feed three days later!


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