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Veda Wellness Teas

I love working with up and coming brands as they embark in the world of social media! Veda Wellness Teas signed up for an Introduction Social Media Management program where I created and implemented a fresh strategy that would help them achieve not only the look and feel they want but increase their daily interactions online.

With an extensive audit, I prescribed a full clean up! I first updated the profile picture from a product image (with 4 teas displayed) that was illegible to their icon in one of their brand colours. I opted for green due to its association with health. A clean profile picture is very important as it's the fastest way someone can see who the content is coming from.

Once that was done, we adjusted the profile's bio to align with the brand's mission. When I first read the bio it was hard for me to understand the mission, and why they were online. Sometimes less is more and this was proof of it.

From there I booked in a photoshoot, to provide some fresh fewer sales-oriented imagery. This helps build trust and is more visually pleasing. Alongside which I added some generic images, stock and created more of a storyline.

A big mistake product-based businesses make on social is only showing their product. However social media is about creating a story, sharing to build relationships by only selling you can only get so far until people hit unfollow and stop interacting.

Not only can you see the significant change visually for the brand but also in the numbers!

(See the before below and the after above)

Want to know what I made happen in just one month, without the use of IG Stories, IGTV or paid ads?

  • Well, followers are never the key to winning on Instagram, but we did see a significant increase in just 4 weeks adding 50 new followers!

  • Interactions went from 3 to 30 weekly.

  • Impressions over a month increased by 750!

  • And last but not least, the reach skyrocketed from just 8 to 184.

It's amazing how much of a difference a strategy can make in just one month.


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