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Stick To Your Brand Colours

Stick to your brand colours. I know the idea of mixing up your brand colours may seem fun but it's a HUGE no.

Last week I met with one of my full foundation branding clients. During our Phase 3 meeting for Digital Marketing Strategy, she turned to me and said, "can I add a new colour? Or make a switch? I don't know if I like these colours anymore." I hesitated for a second, and politely said, no sorry you can't.

I think she was a little shocked initially but you see I am her biggest cheerleader when it comes to branding. And part of that means giving her the cold hard truth that I know will help her business excel in the end.

Your brand colours help give you a cohesive look throughout and they should be colours that will last the test of time. So think long and hard, and choose a palette that you know will be by your side, even when a pop of something new is around. Can’t figure out your brand colours? Then click to book a branding audit with me and I’ll be happy to help you define that and more.


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