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Spring Cleaning: A Time for Self-Care, Detoxing and Getting Inspired

Spring is the season of rebirth. It's the perfect time to take off the layers of winter and come out of hibernation. In Ayurveda, I was taught that each new season is a new opportunity for us to detox, cleanse, take time to self-care and be inspired. When we do this we make room for new opportunities. Since then I've always taken "Spring Cleaning" to a whole other level.

Today I'm sharing my spring routine with you.

1. Deep Clean & Organize

Where there is clutter there is a lack of inspiration. As much as I try to keep my workspace and home clean, sometimes things add up. Like those sweaters you haven't worn for 2 winters; they have to go. Or old agendas sitting in your office - trust me you don't need them. When you open up space, you allow yourself to breathe and it brings in new inspiration.

I take time every spring to clean out every closet and cabinet in my house. With my clothes and jewelry, if I haven't worn them for 2 years then it's time to donate. I clean out my pantry to ensure everything is up to date, getting rid of anything I know we won't eat (again a great opportunity to donate to food banks). After that, I clean my workspace - leaving only items that inspire and aid my daily work. Then lastly, I go through all my makeup, hair, and skincare products to ensure nothing is expired - you'd surprise yourself.

The rule is - if it doesn't serve you, let go of it. When you do this it only makes room for bigger and better things!

I also find it's very important to only allow things that inspire you for that season to be present in your life. For me, this means packing away my fall/winter wardrobe and setting up my closet for spring/summer. I do this with bedding as well. When my mood is lifted by the season, it makes a world of a difference to my daily tasks.

2. Get Walking

I love spin class, going to yoga and working out with my husband, but nothing beats going for walks. A walk is not only getting you active but it's truly an act of self-care, especially for those of us in Ontario. Harsh winters make it hard for us to get out of our house - let's face it we want to take in all the Vitamine D, fresh air and outdoor beauty we can. A daily walk can inspire and refresh your mind. I feel like a new person returning to my desk after a meditative walk. Use your senses, take in the smells, the sights and all the feels. You never know what will inspire you.

3. Nourish Yourself

In Ayurveda, I was taught to nourish myself based on the season. With the spring there is a lot more variety of veggies and fruits coming our way, nourishing your winter body and allowing it to detox.

One of my favourite ways of doing this is getting rid of my morning coffee and replacing it with a warm cup of lemon water with a pinch of turmeric. The first couple of days are hard, and I usually opt for a post-lunch mini black coffee, but give it some time, and it's smooth sailing!

4. Indulge Yourself

Take time to treat yourself. The spring is the perfect time to go get a facial, update your skincare routine, get your nails done, cleanse your hair, get a massage - basically it's time to give yourself a little TLC. When I take time to treat myself, I feel re-energized. Especially when it's a treatment vs a material item. This allows me to return to work and life as a new person, ready to take on challenges.

5. When in doubt burn sage

This has become my motto over the last few years. There is something about burning sage that instantly grounds me. I feel still, and as if I'm being transported into a calm space. This is a practice that is common amongst many cultures for its air purification benefits. Just be sure to source your sage ethically, and respect the cultural value around it.


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