• Puja Malhotra

My Meditation Style

As an entrepreneur, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and fierce woman, life can get a bit much. That's why I'm such a strong advocate for self-love and meditation. Mental Health is always a priority for me. As many of you know I've struggled with anxiety and panic attacks in the past. Meditation is what helped me get through this! As an entrepreneur, I feel like it's a necessity in my life because of everything I need to balance.

I don't believe there is one "right" way to meditate. For me it's part of my lifestyle and the ultimate goal is to always stay in a meditative state. Not there yet but maybe one day! Meditation, is just time spent alone with your thoughts, away from everything and everyone (including your phone).

So how do I meditate? A few ways, based on my mood and the time I have available that day. One thing that is common between all of these - is where I place myself. I'm blessed that I have a meditation room now, but before this, I would use my bedroom. The key is to be away from your work space - because it can be a distraction.

My ideal days, I spend about 15 - 20 mins meditating. I start with my favourite mantra for Durga, the Goddess of Power (because let's be real - she's a badass queen), set and intention, and sit with my thoughts, eye-closed, legs crossed, in my meditation room. I then thank the universe for everything I'm grateful for (silently). At this point, if I have a question I'll ask it to myself and wait for the answer. I close off with a Shiva mantra, thanking the universe for the my health and the planet I live on. I like to use these mantra's because they mean something to me, but in the beginning before I learned about them I would just use an affirmation. This works wonders too as it allows me to set an intention within the affirmation.

On busy days when I don't have time, I turn to Bex Life a YouTube channel with quick, guided meditations, (some under 4 mins)! If you are just starting out I would highly suggest this channel. You don't need any previous experience to try these and they work wonders. Just make sure your notifications are off if you're using your phone.

When I'm away or in a place where I can't be alone, I journal my meditation. I spend time writing a few affirmations, and from there all the thoughts and questions that are coming through. I usually do this at night prior to bed, and especially on days when I can't get my morning routine in.

I love meditation and truly feel there is a style for everyone. So if you feel intimated, don't --it's just a matter of time before you find a style that works well for you. Just remember as a business owner, life can get a bit crazy, so take time to relax and be with yourself. Self-love is step one for positive mental health.

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