• Puja Malhotra

What I Stopped Doing In The Morning

For a while, I would wake up, pick up my phone, check my emails and then beginning my day. Each day I would feel a bit more depleted, chasing my "to-do" list, with limited focus on the future. It was as if emails were taking over my life and dictating how I run my day. Even when I meditated - all I could think about was emails. ⁠ Until I cam across @JayShetty's podcast episode on successful morning routines. One of his rules is to not check your email before breakfast. I thought this was interesting and decided to implement it into my routine -- can I tell you it made such a difference. ⁠ I start my mornings, by waking up, exercising or meditating, then having some breakfast while I write out my priorities for the day. After all this, I check my email.

This simple change has allowed me to further focus on growth both personal and business. It allows me to be more creative for my clients and has made my workdays more efficient. ⁠

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