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Kyles Collection Canada

Kyles Collection is a luxury South Asian Jewellery company based out of the UK. They recently opened their first franchise and it just so happens to be here in Toronto. That's when I met Rani. Rani, being the first franchisee, wanted to expand the online space that Kyles had, with a dedicated website for Canadian clients. Markets vary region to region so it was important for her to keep the Kyles branding in mind while taking her own spin on things.

We worked together to create a clean, crisp and fresh look for Kyles Collection Canada, taking inspiration from Swarovski and Chanel. When I started sketching the layout based on Rani consultation and website brand interview, I knew I wanted to allocate a lot of white space with large images, showcasing the product while generating the mood for something artsy yet luxurious. Aligning her brand with the look and feel of the luxury brands she loves to wear. All the while still respecting the style of the UK company.

Rani fell in love with the initial draft of the website -- with a few tweaks, I was able to launch her franchise page well before Wedding Show season.

From there we took on the challenge of creating a digital marketing strategy for her. When working with fashion brands - and especially South Asian fashion, creating a cohesive look with matching brand colours can be hard. That's why for the art direction part of the strategy we focused on including a mix of imagery that would help elevate the full look while having a clean finish. This was carried out on for Instagram and Pinterest.

Rani's Testimony:

We are so pleased with how our website & digital strategy turned out! Puja was able to deliver exactly what we wanted in such a quick turnaround time. She asked the right questions to give us a simple yet classy website & strategy that's so easy to navigate through!


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