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Kalpana: Website Design

When I first met Kalpana her initial goal was to build a new website that was beautiful and functional. After taking a look at her old website I realized one of the main problems was that she lacked a clear vision of who she is. After our initial consultation, we decided to start our adventure with her brand development. Once this was complete it was time to build the website of her dreams. Kalpana's old website was a simple WordPress blog, that was dated and lacked functionality. The site was putting her at a stand-still in her business and limiting her growth.

She needed a website that would easily allow her to expand her blog functionality while showcasing her various services and continuing to build successful brand partnerships. Alongside this, we wanted to introduce a monthly newsletter that would help her expand her growing mailing list.

Our checklist included:

  • Turning a WordPress blog into a proper influencer website

  • Creating forms that would allow her to book ideal clients

  • Mobile and desktop website that has a user-friendly experience on both ends

  • Sliders that showcase her Brand Partnerships, alongside downloadable media kits

  • Find ways to showcase her charity work, affiliate codes, press and more while staying on brand

  • Most importantly, a dual-navigation blog, that was easy to use and would allow her to share images, videos, embedded HTML codes (perfect for brand partnerships), and more

It's safe to say we met all this and more for Kalpana, allowing her to expand her brand and finally cater to the needs of her ideal clients, all on a website that truly reflected who she is.

Check out her site live here:


Kalpana's Website Experience In Her Words:

At the start of the year, I was looking for an agency to help me with my brand identity and create a new website to migrate over my blog. It’s something I thought about before the new year began and wanted to find the right agency to work with. I was on a live webinar hosted by Ranavat for an Entrepreneurship call when I met Puja, the Founder of Roop Creative Agency based in Toronto, Canada.

It was a beautifully organic way we had met and we had connected on our passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing. We hopped on a call and immediately Puja understood my brand and vision for the long-term. I wanted to bring out my vibrant personality in the brand identity and custom website while incorporating my South Asian heritage and love for Parisian style. She described my persona and brand perfectly… “the bold minimalist”.

I initially wanted to uplevel my blog with the new branding but with Puja’s expertise and listening to my long-term vision, she created a custom website from scratch that is all-inclusive with my blog, services, affiliate codes, newsletter, and charities, etc that my audience can come for everything on one platform. This is exactly what I wanted for my personal brand and Puja nailed it with layout, design, and numerous features on my website with more capabilities while being user-friendly to navigate the site. I absolutely love my new website and feel excited and inspired to create content and share updates with my community.

The entire process from beginning to end was smooth and simple, Puja was there to help me every step of the way and addressed each of my questions leaving me more confident in her and her expertise knowing she had my best interest at heart and I entrusted her with working her magic on my personal brand.

I highly recommend working with Puja and Roop Creative Agency, she is down to earth while maintaining her professionalism and really cares for her clients going above and beyond!

She clearly heard my vision and killed it on my brand identity and my custom website to look clean, posh, and bold while being all-inclusive to include my blog, newsletter, ways for brands and clients to work with me plus so much more! I also wanted to stay consistent throughout my social media platforms and with Puja’s help, I now have a brand identity and website design that has a consistent look and feel. I'm beyond excited to elevate and take my digital influencer business to the next level for the remainder of 2021! Thank you very much, Puja and Roop Creative Agency, truly grateful to you and your team!


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