• Puja Malhotra

How to create Work/Life Balance

Work/Life balance is something I struggled with a lot when I first started my branding boutique. Which is funny because one of the reasons I started my business was so I could have work/life balance! This isn't a surprise to many entrepreneurs because we all go through it, oddly. Maybe it's guilt from the fact that we only get paid when we complete work, or maybe it's because we love what we do so much we don't know where the line gets crossed? Whatever it may be - this should not be the case. Because overworking - no matter how passionate you are can burn you out.

What do I do to avoid this? Well, a few things.

1. I know how crazy organized I am so if that means, I have to book in time for myself, then I do it. Did you know every Friday morning I go to spin class and it's booked in like any other meeting I have!

2. Set office hours for meetings. My office hours make me available about 5 business days a week. Each weeks times may vary slightly but I try to give myself a weekend with no calls/meetings. This allows me to have a weekend and give time to my family and friends. I also always take long-weekends off. This is so important because the rest of the world (or nation) is so why not me?

3. Not work when I'm off. Ok, this one is hard to avoid because sometimes you're in the shower on a Sunday and you come up with a brilliant idea. But instead of picking up my phone, or going to write a note in the office, I have a notebook in my bedroom where I write the idea down and then re-visit it every Monday. This actually works to my benefit because I plant the idea out more than I would.

Your mindset has to shift too but one thing I will say is don't fear it. You are allowed to have a work/life balance. Set the precedent with your clients and they will respect and value you for it. You won't lose anyone because of this and if you do - they may not be your ideal client anyway.

So go ahead let down your hair and have a little fun!

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