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Gujarati Foods Website

I am beyond excited to reveal the new Gujarati Foods website!

Back in June, I shared our journey of rebranding (click here to read more). The overall brand hadn't been touched since the 70s and similarly, the website was stuck in the 90s. With a lot of information and no function, it was time to update the site. The old design had little to no call to action, the photos were dated and you really couldn't do much with the information.

When laying out the plan for this website we wanted to take the following things into consideration:

  1. Easy functionality and navigation

  2. More call to action

  3. Further development of their brand experience

  4. A platform that they could easily use after the design phase was over and make updates on their own

  5. Mobile-friendly version

With the rebrand, the team was also looking to grow its current demographic. They had set customers, however, they really wanted to begin to push more catering deals. When rebranding we refocused the demographics, and the same thought process was followed here. The website needed to speak to the next generation. With a focus on this element and building on their new brand experience, we were able to provide the team with a website they are proud to share and can easily use.

Beena Patel, Co-Owner of Gujratri Foods, experience with us:

Working with Roop Creative has been a great experience. They helped to bring our dated brand up to speed.  They really understood our vision even though we might not have articulated it perfectly. They were flexible and easy to work with, and we never felt that any request was trivial.  Puja is smart, she understands small business and is definitely creative, her eye for style and finesse is excellent. 

It felt great to get a large branding company results from a boutique agency.  


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