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Femme By Fareen

The Femme By Fareen brand embodies being bold, fierce and powerful with a feminine touch. So it only made sense that their logo, visual identity, website and digital marketing/ brand experience be the same.

I worked with founder Fareen, to understand her as a dating and empowerment coach. From there we completed a brand interview with a few business idols in mind. Having a comprehensive consultation as such allows us to understand the client's vision not only for today but for 10-15 years from now too. It was important at this time to streamline her vision to match her service style and target audience.

We started with a full brand development which meant - creating a logo and visual identity along with some concrete brand standards.

Using the approved brand styling, we set out to create the website. Fareen's website, in particular, is template-free, which means it's made to measure on a blank canvas. This allowed us to really carry out her vision any way she could imagine it. After a round of feedback, this beauty came to life. Click here to see it in action!

Soon after we worked with Fareen to determine her digital strategy. A digital strategy not only helped Fareen figure out her hashtag game but also her Roop Creative Power 5 ensuring she never runs out of content! And that's not all - with the right Art Direction, Fareen was ready to take on Instagram and Pinterest visually.

In addition to these services, we created and printed business cards as well as IGStory Highlight Icons.

In Fareen's words:

It was an ABSOLUTE DREAM to work with Puja. Navigating this entrepreneurial space and coming from a legal background, I was super confused. Puja helped me gain clarity and really worked with me to extract the perfect branding and website best suited for me. When I had concerns during any part of the process, Puja was professional, efficient and ensured that I was happy and satisfied! I loved working with Puja and would recommend her to all my friends and family.


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