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Eastern Bazaar: Brand Development & Visual Identity

I'm excited to finally share the complete brand transformation of the Eastern Bazaar. This brand vision was completed in 2019, and although we shared tidbits and sneak peeks online, for one reason or another I never got a chance to write about it. The Eastern Bazaar is a curated collection that brings home beautiful decor elements, healing crystals and more.

Payal Bhakta, the founder of The Eastern Bazaar, created her initial identity using an image and typeface she liked, however, she knew deep down this wasn't a logo. Images although can be part of your branding, can't be a part of your logo design as it needs to be unique in order to be trademarked. Even if this isn't a consideration for your business right now, it's definitely something you want to keep in mind for the future.

While we walked away from this concept, it was important that the new logo and brand styling truly represent the Eastern Bazaar brand. With an interior design background, Payal had a strong vision for her new venture. Soft palettes, sandy beaches, and Bali vibes were just a few of the words she used to describe her aesthetic. She wanted her clients to feel like they were escaping from the mundane and stepping into a beautiful world that would be inviting, whole, natural and filled with life's little luxuries.

Eastern Bazaar

For the logo itself, we wanted to bring in a large handwritten typeface, that was airy, whimsical and free, balanced by a traditional typeface, that was bold and grounded. Within the logo, we also wanted to incorporate bits of Payal's persona since this shop was curated by her. Earlier in our consultations, I noticed she had a tattoo of the Roman numeral 5, when I inquired further I learned that this number meant something very special to her. It was important to me that we incorporate this into the identity. For her colour palette, earthy blush tones were chosen to highlight what her brand represents. So many of her products are from the earth and having her palette reflect this was truly special.

I had such a fabulous time working alongside Payal and bringing her vision to life. Her shop is currently paused but I highly recommend you continue to follow her journey and bring these bits of happiness into your life.


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