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Crafted Slush

2019 was the first year I signed international branding clients. Now I did have a few clients in the past that moved from Toronto to the US. But never really considered them international.

Last year was the first time I had someone from California and New York, who had never met me in person AND sign up for full branding. It was amazing! We held meetings over Zoom and the whole process was kept intact.

That said, this project was really dear to me, as it came from the Bahamas!

I was excited to meet K'lisa online, now we had a couple of bumps in the road, with loss of connections and a hurricane (thankfully she and her family were all safe and fine), but everything came together beautifully for her branding in the end.

K'lisa and I worked together to create her branding, visual identity and logo, for her new business Crafted Slush - exotic luxury flavours for slushies, including guava and passionfruit! Sounds like a vacation in a drink no?

K'lisa's vision was to create something fun that paid tribute to the Bahamas culture with an elegance that could be carried out at any hot vacation spot!

After a few options, varying styles, and colour palettes, we created the final bright and beautiful branding for Crafted Slush!


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