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BrownGirl Newsletter

Trisha Sakhuja and I met over Instagram. A simple post led to her in my DMs which then turned into several phone conversations. Being that Trisha is in NYC and I'm in Toronto we never really had the chance to connect in real life, although I know it will happen one day.

We instantly connected and knew we had to turn this empowering relationship into some incredible work.

At the time her brand BrownGirl Magazine was adjusting to a leadership and brand change. With Trisha taking over the entire brand she was ready to update her look, drop the word "magazine" and build this blog into a platform catered to the Young Professional South Asians around the world. She wants to push the limits and create a platform for all to gather and build educated conversations around while still showcasing a fun & creative side.

That said, we needed to update the newsletter. It didn't seem to fit in with the website or her social media platforms. BrownGirl has 4 brand colours yet the original newsletter only used one. We needed to change this, add more colour to showcase the branding in full, and limit it in areas so the readers weren't distracted by uneven design.

Although I've attached a before and after image. I suggest clicking the links below to see the full transformation. It's amazing how simple design changes can make the content flow!

What Trisha had to say about working with Roop Creative Agency:

We loved working Puja from Roop Creative Agency because our communication was easy, flexible and efficient. We gained more clarity on our newsletter aesthetics and design in a short period of time.


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