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Blend Society: Website

I had the pleasure of developing Blend Society's brand identity last year and was overjoyed when she returned this year for her website. Until now, appointments were taken through Instagram DMs and text messages and shop sales were made online. This was all about to change.

Chan, the owner and head stylist of Blend Society, wanted to create a website that felt like a retreat, similar to the decor in her studio, while also adding functions like online booking, new client applications, and an online shop.

Chan's Website Must-Haves:

  • A beautiful interactive welcome page

  • Multi-layered minimalistic brand styling with a bold touch

  • An easy to update FAQ's section

  • A different form (new clients, returning clients, shop purchases, academy and general inquires) to funnel her emails, making management easier

  • A detailed interactive service menu that highlights her talent

  • Newsletter sign-up

  • Online shop

Like I always say, a successful website design is where function meets beauty. We brought a California vibe to the website with a function that showcased the talent of each stylist. Take a look for yourself here:

In Chan's Words:

I absolutely LOVED working with Puja! She was SUPER patient with me, and when I mean patient, like REALLY PATIENT. I'm sure I was one of her pickiest clients! But I was so glad to know she was able to really focus on my concerns and come back with a solution. Her attention to detail, her knowledge behind why she does and recommends certain things really made me comfortable working with her. And I must say, she really delivered.

I would 100% return for another service with Puja and her company!


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