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How long it takes to start a business

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family where my parents were in business together. They were concerned when I told them what I wanted to do (run my own business), constantly reminding me of the struggles, hardships and everything else in between it took to make it. So you can imagine how happy they were when I landed my first corporate job - with benefits.

I jumped around for about 8 years trying to convince myself I was on the right path. Some jobs were boring and others convinced me I wasn't good enough or needed to be something I'm not, then there was one from hell (cue anxiety and panic attacks) and lastly, one I actually liked ...but it was only a 1-year mat-leave contract ... of course. Everything happens for a reason. Right? See all of that brought me here - an entrepreneur building her empire with experience on what to do, the kind of boss I don't want to be and the kind of company/brand experience I want to create. I came home one day frustrated after an interview and told my sister how I felt and what I truly wanted- who kindly said, as sisters do, the only one stopping you is you so stop standing in your own way... and so I launched Roop, in 3 weeks! Now that sounds lovely, but realistically, it took me 8 years to get here. I had to learn those lessons before creating a platform - and I'm grateful for it all, even the darkness. I also have a love/hate how people focus on the 3 week marker. Yes I created a logo, launched my website (and there was no feedback since at the time I was my only client - haha). That said, I didn't have everything perfect set up.

It took time getting here. I would even say there were a lot of lessons learned in the first year. I listened to my clients, realized my value, and adjusted my process to make it work. This all takes time and I think it's very important to show this. Rome wasn't built in a day and I don't believe in overnight success. Yeah sure it can seem that way but it's never the reality. So enjoy the struggle learn from it and make it yours.


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