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3 Must-Have Business Tools

Having the right business tools by your side can not only lighten your workload but allow you to spend time doing what you do best, focusing on your expertise and growing your business. Here are three of my current favourites:⁠

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1. Calendly: Say goodbye to back-and-forth emailing trying to find the perfect meeting time! This incredible tool syncs seamlessly with your Google Calendar, allowing you to easily update your availability and set specific meeting styles. Whether you stick with the free version or upgrade to unlock more features, Calendly saves you countless hours by allowing your clients to easily book meetings based on your availability. ⁠

2. ChatGPT: This one's a game-changer for tackling writer's block for me. While it doesn't replace the magic of human creativity, I treat ChatGPT like a trusty "personal assistant" for generating content. Just input a few keywords, and it'll provide you with a skeleton to work with. From there you should edit, add your brand voice/expertise to the subject and voila! ⁠

3. Later: Prepare to fall in love with this social media scheduling app. I use Later daily as it allows me to plan out my content calendar and even manage my clients' social media platforms. With features like previewing posts, connecting multiple platforms, running analytics, and more, it's a must-have tool in my books! ⁠


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