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The Mariam Society

I met Gita Banks a year back when she was working with Epicure. After creating a strategy that worked magically for her Instagram, Gita instantly returned back to me when it came time to design a brand for her new initiative.

After years or working for the man, then to running her own empire, Gita was ready to build something new, something that would be her true legacy. That's when The Mariam Society was born.

The Mariam Society is a group of like-minded women who come together to develop and fund programs that help educate women and girls from around the world. Today The Mariam Society works with girls in India and hopes to expand and help more soon.

I had the honour of creating the full branding for this charity from start to finish! From the logo right to the website and assisting with the campaign launch - look and feel.

For her overall branding, I went in with the idea of a dessert, picking up colours from there while mixing in blue tones that Gita loved. She wanted to incorporate a veiled woman as this meant a lot to her. It not only represented so many women from around the globe but also Mother Mary. Doing this in a way that respected the religion but also didn't tie the brand to it was very important for Gita. It was a big part of her, but also something that needed to be inclusive to all.

It's incredible to work with returning clients - and even more amazing when they launch beautiful initiatives like this that help others.

In Gita's words, her experience with us:

I have now worked with Roop Creative Agency twice - first for a social media strategy for my healthy eating business, and then again for the launch of a not-for-profit that helps educate girls in developing countries. Both of my experiences has been exceptional! 

The social media strategy recommended for my healthy eating business helped to grow a significant following on Instagram over several months from a few hundred to almost 4000 followers. This was invaluable in building awareness locally and to a wider audience.

For my not-for-profit (The Mariam Society), Roop developed the brand from the ground up including logo design, brand colours, full website, and launch strategy. The professionalism when launching has helped start a strong following of the Society, and we’ve recieved many comments on how beautiful and helpful the site has been in inspiring involvement in this work. 

Thank you Puja and the Roop Creative team for your amazing work!

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