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L'amour International

Tajrean Kashem is a woman I'm truly inspired by and so happy to say she's part of my personal tribe. After being a successful wedding planner with her first company Taj and Raj events, she is now ready to swim into international markets of Dubai and Dhaka with a new brand. Allow me to introduce L'amour International.

L'amour is a platform for all things wedding. Whether you're thinking about joining the industry and want to learn more, or love looking at real-life weddings, or a wedding vendor wanting to expand your scope, L'amour is all these things and more.

At L'amour it's not only about questioning norms, but also expanding your vision on what weddings can truly be.

When I heard all this I knew L'amour's branding had to be bold, strong and passionate, just like the woman who was running it. We opted for a clean, modern logo that really set itself apart from the decorative nature of wedding branding. From there we chose colours that mimic the warmth of fall with unconventional traditional South Asian wedding tones.

When it came time to design the L'amour website, we agreed that it needed to be a mix of all things wedding with a modern feel, like the initial branding.

I love a statement image to open the site and set the tone. Black and white images were chosen with the intent of the colours being an add-on to create a whimsical and romantic feel.

Everything the fonts, images, to the colours assisted in aligning a branded vision. Because the brand holds many functions it was also important that the site is simple enough for viewers to easily follow the pages and re-visit hassle free.

Visit the L'amour Website!

In the end like I always say, it's best to showcase the website by visiting it. So click here and start exploring, L'amour!

I'm excited to see this next chapter unfold for Taj and know that it's only up from here. Congratulations on another beautiful brand!

Take a look for yourself!

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