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Elegant Makeup

I first met Sara from Elegant Makeup at my branding photoshoot session with Pure Studios. We instantly clicked and with her growing business I knew the connection meant branding!

For Sara's brand she wanted to keep things simple when it came to the logo. Although we explored many options her heart kept wanting something traditional yet minimalistic.

Once the logo was approved we pushed forward with the design and print of a very chic and sophisticated business card, with a black on black foil stamp and a simple back side, this card was ready to get her more clients.

Here what Sara had to say about working with Roop Creative:

It has been a real pleasure working with Puja from Roop Creative Agency. I knew from the initial consultation that she was the right person to work with.  The whole process from initial consultation to the completed project was extremely well managed and professional.  

Puja made me feel at ease with polite and professional communication throughout the entire process.  She took her time listening to me and was very patient as I bounced back and forth on my decisions on the logo that she created.  She then sent me the the most amazing and perfect logo and beautiful  business cards.

I would definitely recommend the services Puja provides.

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