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Gita Banks

I met Gita Banks last year at a networking event and within moments we hit it off. She hosts these amazing in-home cooking classes and shares her expert knowledge on quick, healthy and kid-friendly meals. Instantly after the cooking class, I knew I needed the world to know about her. After chatting she agreed we needed a revamp on her digital marketing strategy - specially amping up her Instagram page.

Gita Banks

In her words:

I have now worked with Roop Creative Agency twice - first for a social media strategy for my healthy eating business, and then again for the launch of a not-for-profit that helps educate girls in developing countries. Both of my experiences has been exceptional! 

The social media strategy recommended for my healthy eating business helped to grow a significant following on Instagram over several months from a few hundred to almost 4000 followers. This was invaluable in building awareness locally and to a wider audience.

For my not-for-profit (The Mariam Society), Roop developed the brand from the ground up including logo design, brand colours, full website, and launch strategy. The professionalism when launching has helped start a strong following of the Society, and we’ve received many comments on how beautiful and helpful the site has been in inspiring involvement in this work. 

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