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Zehra Cheval + Ask Zehra

There is something about working with strong, like-minded women that gives me a high. Recently we had the honour to design for a friend and fellow #girlboss Zehra Cheval who plans on taking the real estate world over with kindness, sophistication and her classic style.

Zehra Cheval Real Estate

The Formula:

  1. Coffee, chats and a whole lot of brainstorming on how we plan on setting Zehra apart in a market that is so competitive.

  2. Streamline her vision and figure out her brand style. Who is she catering to? What kind of clients does she want to attract and how her personal brand will play a role.

  3. Do some research into other real estate tycoons she aspires to be like.

  4. Create a colour palette fit for a queen. Along three logo variations that are strong, regal with a modern touch.

  5. Feedback, feedback and a bit more feedback over some matcha lattes!

  6. Adjust, tilt, and present a stunning logo and postcard design that will help her take over the world.

The Result:

A very happy client ready to build her empire.

Who said that's all? We will be sharing a lot more from Zehra upcoming campaign which we plan on managing. Can't wait to share more - stay tuned and watch out for #AskZehra.

What Zehra had to say about working with us: 

Puja's passion for what she does is clear in the way she treats all of her clients. She made my branding process fun, easy, creative and yet professional. She understood my vision better then myself and brought it to life with just as much excitement as i had. She truly takes a genuine interest in the person and brand that she is working with and it's no wonder I keep going back! 

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