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Seva Food Bank

A simple conversation can lead to big opportunities. There are few charities close to my heart and Seva Food Bank has always been there. They feed those who need a little extra help within our community catering to various cultures.

Being an avid donor I wanted to do more - and knew I could. I meet with Kulvir, the chair of the organization and we chatted about their needs and how we could assist in giving them more of a push on the branding front. After a two hour meeting, ideas flew in and out and we concluded to create a magnet, something to thank donors yet remind them that there is always room for more. And of course it's great to have this on their refrigerator as a constant.

From that small conversation I some how found myself in a conference call a few months later with more team members. Manraj and Angie - who are full of passion and run Seva Spark the annual gala. Listening to them I climbed on board and decided it was time to set some sparks to the gala event branding.

The formula

  1. Chat about themes, wants and needs

  2. Find ways to build more buzz around donations night of, well that's simple! In comes a beautiful donation card we'd leave on tables.

  3. Every year they invest in a media wall - but why? Spice things up! We created a generic media wall and then opted for sponsor signs that made more sense as disposables and saved them a ton of money!

  4. Table numbers are always easy ways to bring spark to your event - check and check!

  5. Lastly create a program booklet that people will enjoy reading and want to keep.

= Delighted clients that we can't wait to work with again!

What the team had to say:

I've had the pleasure of working with Roop Creative Agency for the past 3 years on the branding and marketing for our annual charity gala. Puja and her team are by far the most professional, hard working and dedicated group of creatives I've worked with in a long time. They are just as invested in our success as an organization as we are. Puja takes the time to not only think big picture but to also focus on the small details that make a difference delivering a one of a kind final product that is unique and has impact. I look forward to continuing to work with Roop Creative Agency and am excited about our next project together. 

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