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Red Carpet Affairs

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With a new re-brand on the horizon, Red Carpet Affairs was ready to step up their online presence and we were right there for them as their branding boutique.

With a fresh new look and a beautiful website that truly represented their brand, these women are ready to take the wedding industry by storm.

Go ahead and check out the full site here.

What the team had to say about working with us:

We absolutely loved working with Puja!! She is professional, she is very detail oriented and she is able to bring your vision to life. When I first went to Puja, I only had a vision of what our website should look like. I didn't know the ins and outs of building a website or even how user friendly it would be.

Puja gave us a ton of advice and shared her expertise so that Lina and I knew exactly what we would be getting and how we could use our website once it was done. What we admire about Puja the most is that she's always willing to help and ensure's that we know exactly whats going on.

During the process she has become a good friend to Red Carpet Affairs and we hope to be working together many years to come.


It has been a great pleasure working with Puja from Roop Creative Agency. I knew from the initial consultation that she was the right person to work with.

The whole process from the initial consultation to the completed project was extremely well managed and professional.

Puja made me feel at ease with polite and professional communication through out the entire process. She took her time listening to me and was very patient as I bounced back and forth on my decisions on the logo.

She then sent me the most amazing and perfect logo and beautiful business cards.

I would definitely recommend the services that Puja provides.

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