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Dress To Empress

Dress To Empress

Dress to Empress is a partnership with two #girlbosses who stepped into an untouched market in the Greater Toronto Area. Tasveen Sidhu-Grewal and Pooja Naiker work together to create couture South Asian outfits based on trends with a focus on fabric and figure pleasing designs. Best part – it’s for rent! I've always been intrigued by this idea but Pooja and Tasveen are the first set of business people I know who have mastered the formula. They know exactly what they want and that's what we always love to see.

Dress to Empress

When we created their rental checklist we wanted to keep their strong personalities in mind.

The Process

  1. Research Dress to Empress and understand who they are and what makes their business different

  2. Meet with Tasveen and Pooja, drink some tea, chat about life and oh yes - their design!

  3. Sketch out a few ideas on how we can make this more than just a checklist

  4. Create the checklist and add a personal Thank you note on the flip side, featuring Tasveen and Pooja along with their real signatures (make it feel authentic)

  5. Prep the press for 500 copies printed on a stunning Satin Sheen Card Stock

  6. Deliver a finished product to some very happy clients!

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