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Lush Decor & Events

Lush Decor & Events

It's thrilling to work with young entrepreneurs that have a clear vision of who they want to be. The creative ladies of Lush were in search of full branding including a beautiful logo and a business card that would impress at sight. They were starting a business to sell luxury design and decor to weddings and events alike. The goal was to enter the market as a high-end design team that could truly turn anyones vision into reality.

The Process:

  1. Coffee, consulting and a bit of laughter getting to know the ladies of Lush

  2. Conceptualise the idea of Lush in with rough sketches of whimsical typography

  3. Designing a handful logo options

  4. Feedback, chatting and a bit of fun

  5. Creating the final logo and while developing three brand colours

  6. Design, design, design

  7. Cashmere paper + Gold foil = stunning business cards hot off the press!

  8. Deliver smiles

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