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We Talk Women

We Talk Women

I had the pleasure of meeting Kavita Dogra while working as a Graphic Designer at TheDominion Insurance. I find it easy to talk to just about anyone - but there was something about Kavita; we instantly clicked! Her perspective on life is different, and may not be for everyone. She says it how it is and in the world we live in we need that. When I met her back in 2012, she was in the process of launching We Talk Women - an organisation based in Toronto that focuses on human rights, specifically catering to women.

I was honored to design the branding and then further her campaigns with our artwork.

The Process:

  1. Meet for a coffee date and chat all about We Talk Women – the vision, the issues, and the plan

  2. Create a logo with the energy, compassion and fire mirroring Kavita's perspective; incorporate purple and orange, colours she felt strongly about

  3. Staring at the screen for hours, when in flies the Dove and becomes the iconic image of We Talk Women, a beacon of hope

  4. Carry this style out on all other materials including her online campaigns

Kavita is a #Girlboss to watch out for. She is the voice for the voiceless and her fight grows stronger every day. Join her conversations here.

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