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CentreCourt Developments

Online Invitation Design

My life is generally scheduled, I have meeting days, design days and planning days but sometimes clients simply fall out of the sky (maybe not literally but you'll get what I mean) and shakes things up!

It just so happened, on the one day that I was planning on being out of the studio, visiting my print shop friends and other suppliers I got a call from the Centre Court Development team. They were on an extremely tight deadline and needed to send out their monthly newsletter asap for an upcoming event. Usually, I'm not one to take last minute projects - the reason is simple, when you're rushing you don't give it your all. However, something about chatting with their team made me think - I have to help these guys out.

So I put on my #GirlBoss pants on, and in between meetings found a laptop (obviously this would be the one day I forgot mine), downloaded a trial version of Adobe CC immediately, and started designing!

The Process

  1. Find a laptop - seriously grateful to my friends who let me borrow this

  2. Research their current style and brand standards

  3. Design away until it's perfect - and create a template that they can edit (just in case they run into any issues in the future)

Good karma goes a long way and I can't wait to work with these guys again (on my own laptop next time)!

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