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Arora Wedding & Events

Richha Shah has always been a leader in the wedding industry with Arora Wedding and Events. She is a #GirlBoss we have always enjoyed working with, so when she gave us creative freedom to make a statement service package we knew we had to come up with something innovative.

The Process:

During our consult Richha expressed the need to carry her multiple packages in one small piece. She wanted to elevate her brand and to be consistent across the board with one message.

  • We encompassed her personality with a free-hand illustration of how we imagine a planner would juggle it all without losing grip. This illustration went on to be featured on several stationery pieces becoming the brand's mascot.

  • Incorporating styles from wedding invitations, we created a pocket sleeve with no cover. This would hold all her packages and be a stand alone piece that her team could hand out at trade shows and take to meetings

  • We went on the make several matching pieces, including her contract, thank you cards with a touch of purple foil, and new inserts.

Watch out for this #GirlBoss and her team of amazing planners!

Photo Credit: G&H Photography

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